THIS INTERNET MARKETING AGREEMENT (“this Agreement”) is made by and between the NATION MARKETPLACE, a Delaware corporation, located at 851 Hollins Street, Baltimore, MD 21201, hereinafter referred to as ”NMP,” and/or the “COMPANY.” Applicant now and hereinafter referred to as “SUPPLIER”.

For and in consideration of services to be performed by NMP, SUPPLIER hereby contracts with NMP as an online sales platform to promote SUPPLIER’s products over the internet on an account specific basis, subject to the following terms and conditions:


Except as otherwise defined herein, the following terms shall have the meaning set forth below:

(a) The term “NMP” shall mean products listed by SUPPLIER and made available for sale on the NATION MARKETPLACE website, a sales platform having the internet URL;

(b) The term “Account(s)”  means the business relationship with, and sales to, any Account globally that comes from the NMP.

(c)  The term “Cost and Fees” shall mean payments due from SUPPLIER to NMP as provided in Section Three of this Agreement.

(d) The term “Product” or ”Products” shall refer to those products listed on the NMP and sold by SUPPLIER.  SUPPLIER reserves the right to add, change or delete the Products at any time.   


NMP provides SUPPLIER with the ability to list its Product(s) on the NMP as a method to acquire marketing inquiries and new customer relationships it may not have otherwise found.  Upon SUPPLIER’S execution of this Agreement, and successfully purchasing the desired subscription plan published on the LMP, the LMP will provide administration rights to the SUPPLIER to upload their Products onto the LMP with the intent of developing new sales. Any and all verifiable buyer inquiries that the LMP receives will be forwarded to the SUPPLIER for follow up with the Account.

  1. COST and FEES

The NMP offers various subscription plans to SUPPLIER’S for showcasing products on the NMP.  The basic plans are as follows:


    SUPPLIER will not publish any content the NMP finds inappropriate, misleading or offensive.  Whether and item or posting is inappropriate, misleading or offensive is completely within the discretion of the NMP and SUPPLIER expressly agrees to have the item(s) removed by the NMP.

SUPPLIER will indemnify NMP and pay NMP for all attorney fees and cost related to claims of faulty products that cause harm, injury or death to any person or entity who includes the NMP in a 3rd party lawsuit.

SUPPLIER will respond to product inquires communicated by NMP to the SUPPLIER within forty eight (48) hours of receipt, If the SUPPLIER fails to contact the Account, the NMP reserves the right to introduce the Account to an alternative SUPPLIER.


This Agreement begins upon completing payment for the selected plan options described in Section 3, excluding the Free plan option which will commences on the date of this Agreement.  All subscription plans will last for a period of one year or 365 days.  After the TERM of one year, SUPPLIER will be given an opportunity to renew their subscription for the published rates at that time.  If the SUPPLIER chooses to not renew their subscription the Agreement will terminate and all products will be removed from the NMP. After the termination of this Agreement, neither party shall have any obligations to the other.


NMP and SUPPLIER, mutually agree to hold all proprietary information confidential and at the NMP’s discretion.


It is agreed that this Agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware.


This Agreement shall constitute the entire Agreement between the parties of any prior understanding or  representation of any kind preceding the date of this Agreement shall not be binding upon either party except to the extent incorporated in this Agreement.


This Agreement may be executed upon clicking Submit, all of which together shall constitute one Agreement binding on the parties and executed by their respective duly authorized and empowered.

  1. If any Court determines part of this Agreement to be invalid, the rest of the Agreement shall remain in force and be binding on the parties.

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