Supplied by: MV Group Production

    Price: $19.99 each (contact for distributor/wholesale pricing)

    Size: 0.75 Liter / 40% ABV
    Case: 12 Units in a box
    Minimum Order: 6 pallets / 450 boxes  (Ocean freight)
    Ocean Container: 20ft = 10 Pallets / 40ft = 20 pallets
    Freight EXW: Kaunas/Alytus by Ocean Freight
    Product of Origin: Lithuania

    Launched to celebrate the 100th anniversary of STUMBRAS distillery, STUMBRAS VODKA embodies all experience and knowledge of our experts handed down from generation to generation.

    The vodka makers specially selected and manually implanted natural bright red cranberries. And flavored with ripe cranberry juice. The berries give the vodka a rich color, a pleasantly sour taste and the smell of autumn forest.

    Stumbras Vodka Cranberry is produced by mixing rectified grain spirit, water, cranberry juice & other ingredients. Final filtration of the vodka is conducted through the system of cartridge filters for polishing filtration after which the finished product is conveyed to the bottling shop. During bottling process natural inclusions – a handful of berries is placed by hand into each bottle as a symbol of its naturalness and the artisanship with which it is made.

    Taste: mild, fresh, sweet and sour with wild cranberry flavor.
    Aroma: forest berries.

    Stumbras Vodka Cranberry is traditionally served chilled to 5–10°C, in a shot glass.

    „MV GROUP“ – established in 1992, it is one of the largest corporate groups in the Baltic States. Over a few decades, a small mineral water store has evolved into a vigorous and innovative corporate which manages companies operating in 4 areas. The manufacturing sector includes “Stumbras”, “Alita”, “Anyksčių vynas” and “Gubernija” factories; “MV GROUP Distribution” is responsible for the distribution of goods in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland; logistics is the responsibility of “MV GROUP Logistics”; “Bottlery” and “Nespresso” stores are engaged in retail.

    „MV GROUP Distribution“ – is a leading wholesaler in the Baltic States, representing as many as 400 different brands.

    The MV Group is offering beer, wines and spirits to importers who are looking for something refreshing and new.  Whether your getting started or purchasing a 40ft container, we look forward with providing a proposal and becoming your long-term trading partner.  Orders accepted globally!

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