• Ligtht Table MONAI, $655

    Price: $655.00 each
    Minimum order: 1 Piece (shipped by standard postal service)
    Units per Pallet: 10 or 12
    11 Pallets 20ft Container / 22 Pallets 40ft Container
    Product Code: MONAI Light Table
    Unit Weight: 15.43 lbs each
    EXW: Klaipeda, Lithuania by Ocean Freight
    EXW: Vilnius, Lithuania by Airfreight for pallet
    Made in Lithuania

    MONAI is a award-winning light table, which merges warm lighting, nature-inspired design, and human imagination. MONAI can be used as a lighting source, light play table for relaxation, painting platform for children, or simply a marvellous piece of interior.

    MONAI is a very light and elegant table and has removable legs. This quality allows to put MONAI on a bed, couch or move into another space. Light table MONAI can be easily moved through a domestic or office setting, creating a cozy zone where you want to stay. Our light table finds its own place in the office, studio, living room or kids’ room.

    The pricing mentioned above is based on freight terms EXW. Since we accept orders globally, our proposal team will gladly include all logistics cost to your final destination upon obtaining your requirements. We look forward to providing a proposal and becoming your long-term trading partner.

  • Coffee Table Set (White) $140.00 each

    Supplied by: Taumona - Lithuania

    Price: $140.00 Set of 2 (Item FLIPCT Set)
    Price: $76.00 each, Dia 31.5″ = 800mm (Item FLIPCT80)
    Price: $65.00 each, Dia 23.6″ = 600mm Item FLIPCT60)
    The published pricing above is for the finish: LACQ; WHITE OIL.
    Ocean Container: 20ft / 40ft
    Freight EXW: Klaipeda by Ocean Freight
    Product of Origin: Lithuania

    Ordering Options: Table top – 19 mm veneered MDF or 16 mm painted MDF. Metal frame. Packing – flat pack. LACQ; WHITE OIL; WHITE LACQ; WHITEPAINT, BLACKSTAIN, WALNUT LACQ.  Contact Seller to consult on finish options!

    Taumona started manufacturing standard and custom furniture for companies in 2008. We focus solely on commercial furniture using our extensive experience.  Our standards for high quality, product innovations and technical solutions, as well as application of various materials, paved the road to our success.  All our products are exported to Europe today and are highly valued especially in Scandinavian markets.  As we expand into new markets around the globe, we are looking to become your valued furniture provider.

    Our manufacturing premises consist of 7000 m2.  We offer a wide range of materials which are incorporated into the products we produce.   On average, we produce annually more than 24,000 furniture units that are fully assembled.  For our commercial hotel customer’s who are building new properties or renovating existing locations, we can supplying a 400 hotel room with furniture units at one time.  This includes, wardrobe cabinets, headboards, nightstands, desk units, tables, TV cabinets and more.

    For QUALITY, we are FSC® compliant.  Raw materials for production are purchased from certified suppliers.  Our activities are based on high environmental standards and comply with EU standards.  We work with recognized raw material brands and valued suppliers for woods, hardware, metal components and glass. Other competencies include:

    • We take care of the project from idea to final result.
    • We provide design service and product visualization.
    • Product can be delivered as flat pack, partially or fully assembled.
    • We provide a warranty for our products.
    • We store the production order data so we can precisely reproduce the furniture for repeated or warranty related orders.

    The products on the Nation Marketplace are offered in full container quantities.  We will accept mixed item orders if there is more than one item that your interested in purchasing.  Just let us know during your inquiry which items your interested in and our export department will be happy to provide you with a quotation.   If your interested in knowing more about our capabilities for custom furniture contact us below.

  • Organic Way – 30 Packet Seed Display

    Supplied by: SEKLOS

    Price: Please contact seller for quotation
    Product Code: TBD
    Weight per box: TBD
    Case Pack: TBD
    Minimum order: $350.00
    Freight: EXW Vilniaus Lithuania
    Payment conditions: advanced payment before shipment.
    Made in Lithuania

    See: Company Brochure
    See: Seed Catalog

    The Organic Way seed line is developed for gardeners who support healthy living, the environment, vegetation and well-being of their families and want to get good yield of delicious vegetable free of chemical substances.

    • This ready to sell display is excellent for any retailer to promote organic seeds on a countertop or on display shelves throughout your store. It measures 20″ Height x 35.5″ Long x 7.5″ Deep (52 x 90 x 19 cm) with 3 shelves.  This unit holds 30 facings which you can mix and match with any of our products.
    • Suitable for small spaces
    • Seeds are placed in paper cassettes which are easy to replenish
    • Display is easy to assemble.
    • We can ship by airfreight, ocean container as well as common carrier for EU customers.

    Recent experience shows that the demand for organic seeds has been constantly growing.  More and more customers favor vegetables and herbs grown from organic seeds which have exceptional nutritional characteristics, excellent taste and flavor.  Organic gardening is a great way to experience satisfaction with a wonderful outcome.

    The assortment includes certified organic seeds of various flowers, herbs and vegetables with outstanding biological characteristics, that are sustainable and resistant to pests and disease.  The Organic Way seeds are purchased from certified farms where only organic and natural mineral fertilizers are used for improving the soil.

    SEKLOS Agrofirma also provides private label and special personalization services.  We look forward with providing a proposal and becoming your long-term trading partner.  Orders accepted globally.  Please contact our export manager below to better understand how SEKLOS Agrofirma can you support your gardening needs.

  • Blue linen duvet cover, 200×200 cm. $89 (RRP)

    Supplied by: Linas - Lithuania

    Price: $89 each (RRP) Contact Seller for Quotation
    Item: Blue linen duvet cover “DREAM CATCHER”
    Composition: Linen 100%
    Size: 200×200 CM
    Colour: Blue
    SKU: 604922-BR_19;T78

    Also available in size 140×200 cm.
    Price: $59 each

    Company Presentation

    Linas AB is the largest linen textiles producer in Lithuania and the Baltic States. Deep traditions and long-lived work experience are upheld since 1957 when Panevezys linen company was established. In 1993 Panevezys national enterprise “Linas” was reorganized into joint stock company “Linas”.

    Lithuanian capital company Linas AB offers customers, who value naturalness and modernity, high quality 100% linen, linen/cotton, white, dyed, printed, checked, striped, jacquard, double faced fabrics for home textiles and clothing. The company currently employs over 300 highly-qualified specialists.

    With more than 60 years activity experience “Linas” exports over 80% of its production and has strong positions in worldwide textiles market. As the main competitive advantages company offers order fulfilment speed, flexibility, high and stable quality of products and production according to individual orders.

    Since 2003 “Linas” has been working according to universally accepted quality requirements which correspond to OEKO-TEX 100 standards.

    If you like our products but want to produce according to your own colors or models and if you want to obtain larger quantity, kindly ask to contact our sales managers who will suggest and help you.  Please, pay attention that minimum fabric order for wholesale orders and production is 400 mtrs (for one color or design). Buying from stock requires wholesale as well – invoice not less than 500 Eur.

    We look forward with providing a proposal and becoming your long-term trading partner.  Orders accepted globally.

  • Multicolor Loang Bead Amber Necklace $89.00

    Price: $89.00 each
    Minimum Order: 5 pieces
    Item #14516
    Materials: Amber
    Clasp: Screw type
    Sizes: Width 3/4″ inches, Length 18″ (2 x 46 cm)
    Shipped from Vilnius, Lithuania
    Allow 2-3 weeks delivery

    The perfect item to sell in your store!  Amber is the hardened resin of ancient pine trees. This organic substance is perhaps most well known for the incredible inclusions of insects and plant matter that can be found within it. Craftsman have been making jewelry from amber for over 10,000 years, which could make it the first gem material from the Baltic region.

    Contact Seller to place your order or sales inquiry.

  • ALEO Light Aloe Vera drink with Mango flavor $0.37 (0.5 liter) $0.82 (1.5 liter)

    Price: $0.37 per bottle 0.5  liter
    Price: $0.82 per bottle 1.5 liter
    1 Case = 24 (0.5 liter PET bottles)
    1 Case = 12 (1.5 liter PET bottles)
    Minimum Order: 1 – 20 ft container = 1580 cases of 0.5 liter / 1071 cases of 1.5 liter
    Freight FOB: Taichung by Ocean Freight
    Product of Origin: Taiwan
    Shelf Life: 18 months

    ALEO Light Aloe Vera drink with Mango flavor

    • Natural drink with mango flavor
    • Low calorie drink
    • Sweetened with sucralose
    • Refreshing and delicious
    • Contains lots of Aloe Vera pulp
    • Preservative free, no artificial coloring and flavoring

    Inside ALEO

    With ALEO we bring you delicious refreshing and at the same time healthy drink that supports your healthy lifestyle:

    • ALEO Aloe Vera drinks contains lots of Aloe Vera pulp, which is full of natural benefits.
    • Aloe Vera gel contains proteins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B12 and E, essential fatty acids and is naturally rich with Vitamin C, amino acids, enzymes.
    • Aloe Vera improves blood circulation, relieves digestive problems, prevents coronary heart disease, has antioxidant features, improves kidney and liver functions, prevents hair loss, improves the immune system functionality.
    • And of course, as a healthy drink, it doesn’t contain any preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial flavor, no fat…

    Feeling thirsty? Quench your thirst with delicious and healthy  ALEO drinks!

    ALEO video commercialALEO video ad

  • Raw Honey With Sea Buckthorns

    Raw Honey with Sea Buckthorns 7.05 oz Jar $4.60 each

    Price per Case: $92.00 / 20 jars per case / 7.05 oz. each
    Minimum order: 90 Cases per pallet
    Minimum order: 11 Pallets (U.S.and other) = 20ft Container
    Formula: Raw Honey 95% with freeze-dried Sea Buckthorns 5%
    Klaipeda, Lithuania by Ocean Freight
    FOB: Vilnius, Lithuania by Air freight
    Product of Origin: Lithuania
    Shelf Life: 24 Months

    Product Overview: Honey with Sea Buckthorn berries does not leave indifferent. This product is in the basket of almost all our customers. Sweet and sour taste, bright color – the highest quality. It is suitable for preparing tea other hot drinks, spreading on toast, mixing into curd or yogurt, an excellent ingredient for smoothies or protein shakes, eating one directly as a healthy dessert.  Our products are naturally sweet without any artificial additives or sweeteners so your customers can enjoy SERKSNAS HONEY with the Sea Buckthorn all year round!

    Sea Buckthorn is a real treasure of the Lithuanian autumn for health. The plant surpasses almost all the fruits and berries according to the amount of active substances and quality. The buckthorns contain large amounts of vitamins C, PP, B, E, F, A, P, folic acid, glucose, iron, and manganese.

    We care not only about the quality of the honey but also about all ingredients; therefore we use only superior quality lyophilized berries, fruits and herbs. Lyophilization is a modern drying technology where water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum. This ensures that the tastes, aromas, ~99% vitamins, nutrients, and even the appearance of plants are preserved. Consequently the products of the “Gourmand” line have natural bright colours, strong aromas and are tasty. They may be stored for a long period because they do not contain moisture, which would cause them to deteriorate.

    SERKSNAS APIARY is a family owned business since 1982.
    SERKSNAS Honey The technologies for honey collection and preparing it for use have improved significantly in the last 37 years. We are constantly expanding our bee families and products range as we find new application possibilities for apiarian products. Working by such efficient way where able to grow to 500 bee families. Being in control of full manufacturing and supply chain process (from bee to the end product) we are able to unsure provide every consumer with the highest quality of all our products. However, despite the changes, hard work, beekeeping has remained the irreplaceable hobby of our family, a hobby that brings us together and unites us as a family with the highest values.

    We have created a collection of European intense tastes and aromas by combining SERKSNAS Honey with various valuable berries, fruits and herbs. Give it a try to Lithuanian #superhoney!


  • Laura Daili cap owl 1

    Cap Owl 1 $20.80

    Price $20.80 each
    Case pack: 10 pieces
    Minimum order: $1,000.00 (jewelry, handbags, accessories)
    Product Code: Cap Owl 1
    EWW: Klaipeda, Lithuania by Ocean Freight
    EXW: Vilnius, Lithuania by Airfreight
    Made in Lithuania

    Laura Dailideniene behind the scenes Video

    Cap Owl 1 – Cap with Owl (collection SEPIA), Wool / Viscose jersey. Black color.
    Size universal

    Laura Daili is a Lithuanian fashion design brand.  It was launched in 2003 and became famous for the clothing line, leather bags, and exceptional jewelry.  Each season professional designer Laura Daili kicks up a new collection with its signature label style.  Exclusiveness lies in our pure, minimalistic, Baltic like concepts.  Laura Daili collections have been displayed in different exhibitions and fashion shows around the world like Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Amsterdam, New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Lvov, Riga, Vienna, and Vilnius.

    The brand offers feminine designs delivering stylish separates and statement dresses which have since evolved into a full ready-to-wear collection in which every item is a vital part of a woman’s wardrobe.  The result? Cool, easy, chic looks with youthful elegance and unmistakable signature style.

    If your a retailer or boutique looking for high quality, European fashion design, please contacts us below to see how Laura Daili can become your supplier for women’s apparel.  As the manufacturer, we have the capability to produce any size garment included plus sizes.  We look forward with providing a proposal and becoming your long-term trading partner.  Orders accepted globally!

  • Protective Face Shields

    Face Shields starting $1.07 each for 9,000 pieces.

    Supplied by: Grafija - Lithuania

    Price: $1.07 each for 9,000 Unit Order
    Price: $1.62 each for 900 Unit Order
    Price: $2.16 each for 300 Unit Order
    Case Pack: 300 Shields Inner Packs of 10 Shields
    Production: 5 to 7 work days plus delivery
    Airfreight Shipping: EXW – Vilnius
    Origin: Made in Lithuania

    Face shields help to protect your face from droplets, saliva, splash and dust. The product is made from see-through plastic, so it can be used multiple times. After every use, we suggest to disinfect shields inside and outside. The outside surface is recommended to disinfect in a shorter period.

    UAB Grafija printing house is one of the leaders in production of commercial printing in Lithuania. We can offer not only especially attractive prices and high quality, but also one of the widest range of products. Because of COVID-19, we have modified production to manufacture personal protective face shields to assist in making the world a safer place.

    UAB Grafija was founded in 1996. From the very beginning, we regularly investing in the technical resources of the printing-house, as well as training our employees in Lithuania and abroad. Alongside that, our company is continuously introducing quality systems and environmental protection systems, and creating of custom production process management software.

    Please contact us so that we can better understand your requirements.  We ship globally.

  • Lentil Chips, Sour Cream and Onion Taste (100g)

    Supplied by: Nevezis - Lithuania

    Price: Contact Seller for Pricing Quotation
    Shipping: EXW Kaunas, FOB Klaipeda
    Origin: Made in Lithuania
    Item: Lentil Chips, Sour Cream and Onion Taste
    Available Size Packaging: 100g bag

    • 13% protein
    • Only 17% fat
    • Suitable for Vegan diet

    JSC “Naujasis Nevezis” is one of the largest company in the Baltic States, which produces breakfast cereals, sweet and savoury snacks, porridge and cereal bars under its own trade mark oho! as well as under private label of local and foreign customers.

    The company’s competitive advantage is its constantly modernized manufacturing facilities as well as investment in new technologies, which fulfills the growing demands of the market and creates value for the community and our partners.

    Besides the statutory HACCP requirements for the food processing companies, JSC “Naujasis Nevezis” adheres to the quality, environmental protection and food safety standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN ISO 22000:2005, BRC, IFS, UTZ, RSPO, Halal.

    Feel free to contact us pricing for any other details. We ship globally!

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