• Aircraft or Commercial Storage Containers

    Supplied by: LZT Group - Lithuania

    Price: Request Quotation
    Ocean Container: 20 or 40ft
    Freight EXW: Klaipeda by Ocean Freight
    Product of Origin: Lithuania
    Item: Aircraft or Commercial Storage Containers
    We build custom sizes per customer requirements.
    Polypropylene sandwich type plates

    When frequently travelling by plane and transporting important items like camera equipment or scientific instruments, shippers are worried about their cargo.  At the LZT Group we offer a safe suitcases for transporting luggage knowing that items will not be damaged which gives shippers peace of mind. We manufacture luggage holders with polypropylene frame. This material is abrasion resistant and hard to deform. It will safely protect your luggage during the flight. We offer different types of luggage suitcases: lockable, with fasteners, in different sizes and dimensions, with multiple compartments. They are custom made by individual request of the client.

    Application: For transporting items of various sizes in planes.

    Advantages: Thanks to the semi crystalline properties of polypropylene it is a very durable and stable material. Your luggage will be protected from impacts during the flight. It is possible to create luggage of various sizes according to client’s demand.

    We look forward to providing you a quotation.


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