• Kids MINI Bean Bag $15.89

    Supplied by: PUPT - Lithuania

    Price: $15.89
    Case: 1 Bean Bag
    Ocean Container: 40ft = 600 Bean Bags
    Freight EXW: Klaipeda by Ocean Freight
    Product of Origin: Lithuania
    Item: Mini – R45 OX Lime
    17.7″ (45cm) Diameter x 13.7″ (35cm) Height
    100% polyester w/ PVC backing

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    Mini is a pouf-shaped compact bean bag designed for both children and adults. Our handmade bean bag is suitable for the use in various everyday situations – to seat your unexpected guests or sit down when you put on your shoes, play table games or spend evening at the campfire in the nature. Children especially fancy this light Mini bean bag because it is easy to carry, making it a perfect gift for the little ones during various joyful events.

    The Mini has an inside bag and washable external bag making its easy to clean.  The filling is made from polystyrene granules. Color of photos may slightly differ due to a particular monitor resolution.  We offer
    International shipping and this item is Handmade to assure the best quality.

    Every bean bag is made with a strong zipper having wide teeth for the outside bags. Pulls of zippers are hidden under the seam of the cloth thus ensuring protection of the floor covering from damage. All inside bags have zippers, which enables the manufacturer to regulate the quantity of the filling that determines softness of the bean bag. Only strong cloths of special selection and tested by means of the Martindale textile resistance test are used for manufacturing our bean bags.

    Polystyrene beads that are used for the filling are getting naturally compressed by seating in the course of time. Higher durability and higher density granules are used for Pusku pusku bean bags. With the aim to prevent the fire risk, non-flammable granules that are certified as conforming DIN 4102 standard are used for bean bags.

    The Mini can be order in several colors

    Bean bags are packed in two ways on the request of the client:

    · in two thick and strong bags made of recycled polyethylene or
    · in a cardboard box containing a pre-packed product in a protective polyethylene bag.

    Please check out our other products on the Nation Marketplace because we’ll be happy to provide a quotation for a mixed order.  We look forward to doing business with you.

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