• Learning set LETTERS AND NUMBERS, $44.00

    Price: $44.00 each
    Minimum order: 1 Piece (shipped by standard postal service)
    Units per Pallet: 200
    11 Pallets 20ft Container / 22 Pallets 40ft Container
    Product Code: Letters and Numbers
    Unit Weight: 11.64 lbs each
    EXW: Klaipeda, Lithuania by Ocean Freight
    EXW: Vilnius, Lithuania by Airfreight for pallet
    Made in Lithuania

    Letters and Numbers will help your children to start reading and counting. When placed on the edu2 Light Play Table translucent shapes with letters and numbers will catch child’s attention and make a learning process more interesting. This creative set attracts grown-ups as much as children. It feels good to touch the shapes, and they are pleasant for the eye.

    The pricing mentioned above is based on freight terms EXW. Since we accept orders globally, our proposal team will gladly include all logistics cost to your final destination upon obtaining your requirements. We look forward to providing a proposal and becoming your long-term trading partner.

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