• Women’s Leather Backpack (Yellow) – Clarissa $91.00

    Price $91.00 each
    Minimum order: $1,000
    Product Code: 5203801
    EXW: Klaipeda, Lithuania by Ocean Freight
    EXW: Vilnius, Lithuania by Airfreight
    Made in Italy for Time Resistance

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    A Time Resistance bag is not an accessory of the season, but a companion for life.  Its skin is an empty canvas that will get scarred throughout the years, and that’s what will make it truly beautiful and unique — the marks from your life and experiences that tell your personal story.  Because Time Resistance bags get better with age: like friends, like wine, like you.

    · Exterior made from genuine full grain calfskin that will last you for decades
    · Interior fully lined with cotton and easy to clean
    · We make sure to offer quality materials that are long lasting and require little maintenance.

    · Hand dyed using the vegetable tanning method that utilizes only natural materials and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
    · This artisan technique maintains the natural look of leather, rendering each skin one of a kind with a slightly different pattern
    · As an added bonus, vegetable tanning gives the leather a natural earthy smell

    Modern features
    Time Resistance bags are crafted in the present day to accommodate contemporary needs:

    Laptop size
    · Room for laptop up to 13” in diameter (e.g. MacBook Pro 13” – width: 11.97 inches and depth: 8.36 inches)

    Gadget friendly
    · Organizer panel for smartphone and cards

    If your a retailer or boutique looking for high quality, European fashion design, please contacts us below to see how Baltic Synergy can become your supplier for Time Resistance handmade leather product.  We look forward with providing a proposal and becoming your long-term trading partner.  Orders accepted globally!

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