Wood Pellets $3.40 per bag

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Price: $3.40 per bag / 40 lb. bag
Minimum Order: 50 bags per pallet / 19 Pallets = 40ft Ocean Container
Used for: Home heating pellet stoves 
Quantity: 13,000 tons (production per month)
Quality of wood pellets: ENplus A1 and SBP
Species – Pine (Pinus sylvestris)
Diameter – 1/4″, Kiln dry 8-18%, FSC Certified
Packaging: 15 kg bags and/or Big-bag, Bulk delivery 
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFI
Product of Belarus
Shipped from: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Long term, short term contracts

The VAKARU MEDIENOS GRUPE is Lithuania’s largest wood products company.  Employing more than 3,500 employees through its vertically integrated wood holdings which includes the JSC Wood Industry Group, producer of premium wood pellets.  The company is certified by the Rainforest Alliance for forest stewardship for controlled woods and chain of custody.

For chain retail customers, we have the capacity to produce 600,000 bags per month in 33lb bags or 40lb bags for the U.S. market.   One pallet of 50 / forty pound bags equals 1 ton so our production capabilities allow us to easily supply a customer with 1,200 retail stores 10 full pallets per month.  We can supply under the VMG brand or private label.  Place your order today for this winter season!

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Other Specifications:

Moisture: 5.4%
Ash: 0.26%
Bulk density 640kg/m3
Net calorific value: 18,16 MJ/kg
Sulfur: 0.005%
Diameter 6 mm

Wood Stove Pellet FAQs
Q:  What is the difference in burning hardwood pellets or softwood pellets?

A:  We think it’s a personal choice.  It’s all about choosing the right fuel for you based on a variety of things, including your stove, your budget, and the amount of maintenance you’re willing to do.  At VMG, we specialize in softwood pellets.  Softwood pellets burn cleaner and hotter with less ash.  Softwood pellets also burn in most stoves built today.  We recommend that you check with the manufacturer of your stove and operating manual for more information.

Q:  What is special about purchasing pellets from VMG?

A:  As the manufacturer, we maintain complete control over the product supply chain.  We can guarantee a consistent source of clean raw material and a quality manufacturing process that has been audited and certified by PCU Deutschland of Berlin Germany.  Our certification is based on the version 3.0 of the handbook by the European Pellet Council and valid from 5/22/2018 to 5/21/2021.

Q:  How important is the species of wood?

A:  All of our woods come from the Minsk region of Belarus which make a quality product.  However, most experts in the business will tell you that the manufacturing process to create a hotter burning pellet is more important than the species of wood used.

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