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Pinewood or Thermo-wood
Height: 2.6 m
Wall thickness: 46 mm
Floor: groove-tongue, 28 mm
Roof: Bitumen shingles
Room: 2 (from the size of 3.5 m)
– Outside wooden door: 700 x 1800 mm (glued pinewood)
– Sauna glass door: 620 x 1750 mm (tempered and tinted)
Windows: Tempered, double glazed, 295 x 580 mm
For Roofing: Finish Icopal bitumen shingles are being used, on a request – wooden shingles can be ordered
Heater: a wide range of Harvia electric or wood burning stoves from 3.5 up to 20 kW can be offered. Wood burning heater’s with inside or outside feeding are available
– Pavilion: 1020 x 1060 mm (double glazed)
– Sauna windows (2 units): 295 x 580 mm (double glazed, tempered)
Made in Lithuania

– Wooden bus walls
– Stainless steel tightening bands
– Roof covered with the bitumen shingles
– Floor from 28 mm pinewood boards
– Wooden side door with the double glazed window, wooden handle and the lock
– Double glazed opening pavilion window in the back side of the bus (changing/sitting room)
– 2 tempered double glazed windows in the front of the bus (sauna room)
– Tempered tinted glass door separating sauna and rest room
– 2 benches (angle or straight) inside the sauna room made from Aspen or Black Alder
– 2 portable benches for the feet rest (in sauna with angle benches)
– Heat-resistant plates for heater/stove

-3,0 m
-3,5 m
-4,0 m
-4,8 m
-5,9 m

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Wood professionals Sauna Buses, designed following the “Caravan” idea, are becoming increasingly popular Sauna type model. The main reasons are spacious sauna and ergonomic sitting room; also there is possibility to install a shower cabin in the Sauna Bus. Moreover, our customers can choose the bench fitting option (straigh benches on the sides or angle benches). Depending on the size chosen, up to 10 people can enjoy the sauna at once.

Sauna Bus is a great choice for enjoying bathing sensations and having a great time and snacks with your family and friends in the sitting room. Sauna buses have 2.3 m inside width and are being produced from 3.0 m to 5.9 m length with 2.6 m height.

The wood is being supplied from worldwide known wood producer Storaenso (it maintains FSC and PEFC certificates). Supplied pinewood is accurately sawn, kilned and graded according to wood features. Thermo-wood is produced using high temperature and steam. As a result of the thermo wood process, the dimensional stability, biological durability and insulation properties are improved.

Also a customer may acquire the following sauna accessories: head rest, wooden bucket, wooden ladle, thermometer-hygrometer, sauna lamp and its cover, clothes hanger, back rest, protective fence and water tank for wood burning heaters.

Sauna Barrels can be delivered both ways: assembled or flat-pack. For those, who choose KIT, manual with visuals for easy assembling is provided.

Materials used for production

  • Pinewood and Thermo-wood

The origin of the wood is the forests of the northern countries. Thermo modification is proceeded in Finland. Thermo-wood is produced using high temperature and steam. Since no chemicals are added during the process, it contains only renewable substances. Thermo-wood is known for:

  • It is an environmental friendly choice
  • It is ecological – no chemicals are used
  • Maintains attractive appearance
  • Ensures biological durability and dimensional stability
  • Ideally suited for challenging environments and changing climate conditions
  • Shingles available in four colors

Wood Professionals looks forward with providing a proposal and becoming your long-term trading partner.  Orders accepted globally!

Who we are

Wood Professional is manufacturer of high-quality wood-based products, designed for gardens, camping or other natural haven. Our products range from cozy grill-cabins, exquisite design saunas, beautiful pavilions to hot tubs. The products are made either of renewable, high-quality European pine or extremely long-lasting thermo treated pine. From Wood professionals Lithuanian office and factory located in Mazeikiai, through our extensive international dealer network, we serve many customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, UK, France and widely abroad.

Our aim is to produce exclusive high quality wood-based products that best fit in our customers’ home and environment and enhance their living. We seek to slow down the speed of life and help our customers to relax, restore the lost balance and enjoy the moment in a peaceful environment and afterwards go back with new energy and brilliant ideas for productive living. For this purpose, we take into account personal requirements and offer customer tailored solutions. Our customers can choose among various aspects of the design, such as dimensions, layout, type of windows and doors, insulation, terrace, etc.

What we do

We work in production premises of 2.000 m2 with modern professional equipment, which allows us achieving very precise measurements of the elements, and thus ensures easy assembly, solidity and excellent outlook of the product. Particular attention is paid to quality control at every stage of the production process: starting from the supply of raw materials, manufacturing and ending with the delivery of the product. Customer order is being taken and completed up to 2 weeks.

Our production department has been continuously investing into acquisition of new equipment. Also always works on developing new ideas to enhance the design and improve technical solutions of the products. The products are being produced according to drawings, strictly following the instructions and complying with quality standards. Every new product undergoes testing processes. Most of the materials used in the production process are certified and marked with CE.

What our competency is

Our team consists of open minded professionals, who are motivated for success and innovation, maintain know-how and have more than 10 years experience in sales management and production processes. We understand that our customers play critical role for our business success, therefore we take relationships seriously and aim for long-term partnerships. For this purpose, we are continuously working with new ideas to improve the service quality and develop the best wood based solution to meet growing expectations of our customers. We think that innovation is the main force of growing, that’s why we always search for innovative ways to be more efficient and better serve our clients.

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