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Price: $9.44 per case
Product Code: 3798
Weight per box: 500g = 1.1 lbs
Cases per pallet: 200 = weight 218kg
Shelf Life: 8 months
Minimum order: Contact Seller
Freight: EXW Siauliai Lithuania
Payment conditions: advanced payment before shipment.
Made in Lithuania

In an attempt to keep up with the accelerating speed of life and consumers’ demands for fast and valuable food, the confectionery factory Rūta has created Greenz KIDS – fruity sweets for the kids.
Greenz KIDS with freeze-dried cherries stands out for their subtle sweet-and-sour taste, interlaced with the sweetness of dates, raisins and crispiness of pumpkin seeds.

These sweets are rich in fiber and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They do not contain any added sugar, chocolate, gluten or allergens.

» High fiber
» No added sugars
» Highly valuable pumpkin seeds and freeze-dried cherries
» Free from allergens and gluten

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important!

If you’re a retailer, cruise line or resort looking for high quality European chocolates, please contacts us.  Since 1913, RUTA has become know around the world.  We look forward with providing a proposal and becoming your long-term trading partner.  Orders accepted globally.  Please contact our export manager below.


The efforts of Rūta UAB to supply high-quality and delicious sweets to the market have been successful. The company has a whopping 24 top-tier awards that it has won at different expos and competitions since 1993 to prove it.

The Gold Medal of the competition Lithuanian Product of the Year has been awarded to the following products:

  • dragee Žara (1998)
  • sweets Valdo (1999)
  • truffles collection Classic, 120g, Extra, 130g, Royal, 135g, Fantasy, 115g (2000)
  • chocolate collection Valdovų Rūmai, 255g (2001)
  • chocolate collection Vilnius, 205g (2002)
  • sweets collection Pagal Senuosius A. Gricevičiaus Receptus, 180g (2003)
  • chocolate collection Laisvės Alėja, 305g (2004)
  • chocolate collection Lietuva, 400g (2006)
  • sweets collection Gintaro Kelias, 405g (2007)
  • chocolate collection Tūkstantmečio Lietuva, 160g (2008)
  • chocolate collection 1000 Lietuva, 1,720g (2009)
  • chocolate collection Jelly Sweets with Berries, 350g (2010)
  • chocolate collection Šokolado Tradicijos, 220g (2011)
  • dragee Actinidias in White Chocolate, 140g (2012)
  • chocolate collection Didžiųjų Kunigaikščių Pagundos, 465g (2013)
  • chocolate collection Retro, 270g (2014)

​The diploma of the competition Lithuanian Product of the Year has been awarded to the following products:

  • sweets Panelė (1999)
  • sweets Vaidilutė (2001)
  • sweets Cappuccino (2003)
  • sweets Išdaiga (2004)

Awards won at the international food and beverages expo BAF:

  • a medal for chocolate collection Rūta, 170g (2006)
  • a diploma for heart-shaped dragee Žara, 100g (2006)

Awards won at the international specialised agriculture and food industry expo Agrobalt:

  • the Gold Medal for dragee Žara (1999)
  • a medal for chocolate collection Vilnius, 205g (2003)
  • a medal for sweets collection Pagal Senuosius A. Gricevičiaus Receptus (2004)
  • a medal for chocolate collection Laisvės Alėja (2005)
  • a diploma for chocolate collection Lietuva, 400g (2006)
  • a diploma for chocolate collection Rūta, 170g (2007)
  • a medal for Acorn Coffee, 100g (2008)
  • a diploma for sweets chocolate Gintaro Kelias, 405g (2008)
  • a medal for chocolate collection Žalgirio Lietuva, 280g (2010)
  • a medal dragee Actinidias in White Chocolate (2012)
  • a diploma for dragee Strawberries in Assorted Chocolates (2012)
  • the Gold Medal for chocolate collection Didžiųjų Kunigaikščių Pagundos, 465g (2014)

The following products have been awarded at the international business and achievement expo Šiauliai:

  • chocolate collection Lietuva, 400g (2006)
  • chocolate collection Šokolado Istorija, 160g (2007)
  • Acorn Coffee, 100g (2008)
  • chocolate collection 1000 Lietuva, 1,720g (2009)
  • dragee Strawberries in Assorted Chocolate (2012)
  • anniversary handmade chocolate collection Rūta 100, 570g (2013)

Awards won at the expo Lithuanian Products:

  • a medal for the box of sweets Iš Širdies, 117g (2000)

Awards won at the expo Buy Lithuanian:

  • a medal for dragee Žara (1999)
  • a medal for chocolate collection Didžiųjų Kunigaikščių Pagundos, 465g (2013)

The following products have been recognised as innovative at the competition Award for Innovation:

  • sweets Staigmena, 300g (2008)
  • Chocolate Museum (2012)

Awards won at the competition Top Product of the international expo Prodexpo (Moscow):

  • the Silver Medal for chocolate collection Rūta, 170g (2009)
  • the Bronze Medal for sweets collection Gintaro Kelias, 405g (2010)
  • the Gold Medal for chocolate collection Baltija, 620g (2011)

Awards won at the Superior Taste Awards Competiton:

  • a Gold Star for the exclusive hand-made chocolate collection Rūta, 170 g (2015)

Quality policy

Rūta UAB strives that only fresh, safe, and high-quality products make their way to the consumer. The company has implemented a food safety and quality management system in line with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000:2005 across the food handling chain (from raw materials to the consumer). Rūta UAB places a special emphasis on food safety, therefore its priorities are the following: a stable, high quality of products, guaranteed food safety, and a culture of sanitation and hygiene..

QUALITY is the key goal, value, and asset of the company and its staff

OUR VISION – an innovative Lithuanian company with a great deal of respect for tradition and experience, which aims to produce premium and exclusive confectionery.

OUR GOAL is to manufacture and supply safe, high-quality confectionery to satisfy the needs and expectations of our consumers and clients, and to be a business partner others can rely on.


  • work in line with the requirements of Lithuanian, European Union regulations and other documents pertaining to our company and its business;
  • continuously maintain and improve a management system that conforms to the requirements of food safety standard ISO 22000, increase its efficiency and effectiveness;
  • guarantee safety and quality of the company’s products throughout the supply chain (from taking delivery of raw materials to the presentation of the end product to the consumer);
  • constantly improve our manufacturing technologies, products, and services;
  • raise the expertise level of all employees by improving their knowledge and skills;
  • foster the relationship with the current and future clients of the company, appraising their needs and expectations and responding to them responsibly;
  • enforce our food safety and quality policy in cooperation with our suppliers.


  • having all of the company’s staff members focused on enforcing the food safety and quality policy and explaining it to all stakeholders (consumers, clients, suppliers), involving business partners in this process, as well;
  • allocating sufficient resources to achieve the company’s business goals and to enforce the food safety and quality policy;
  • allowing full-time employees to seek professional development and raise their expertise levels;
  • ensuring that every employee is personally responsible for food safety, product quality, and their own work performed in line with their job description and competences;
  • maintaining and promoting good mutual relationships and an efficient interaction among all peer employees of the company, encouraging initiative-taking in and suggestions from employees;
  • ensuring adequacy and relevancy of the food safety and quality policy and performing annual revisions of its goals and objectives.

The company’s food safety and quality policy is introduced to every employee of Rūta UAB. It is available to read to every stakeholder. All of the staff members of Rūta UAB make efforts to ensure that their work is aligned with the provisions of the food safety and quality policy.

Rolandas Pridotkas, CEO

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