Baltic Exporter (caraway seeds)

Artisan – Designer Products

Clothing / Jewelry / Accessories
Atella – women’s fashion
Baltic Shop – jewelry
Kloteksa – women’s coats
Laura Daili – women’s fashion
Sauitas Stilius – women’s knitwear

Construction and Industrial
LZT Group – mobile offices and more
SNOL – laboratory furnaces

Food & Beverage
Daumantai – condiments
Ecoagrofarm – organic chicken
Mega Baltic – bottled drinks
Serksnasapiary – honey products
Vis Aqua – bottled water
Zemaitijos Pienas – cheese

Home & Garden
Akadas – outdoor furniture
Burbuliukas – water ionizer
Dill Hand Made – kitchen aprons
Edu2 Creative Play – kids educational
GBF Sofa – sofas and chairs
Jakelis Candles – handmade candles
Pusku Pusku – bean bags
Taumona – furniture
Vakaru Medienos Grupe (VMG) – furniture

Kids and Toddlers
Edu2 Creative Play – kids educational
Palutis – kids rain boots
Pusku Pusku – kids bean bags

Lumber and Particle Board
Baltic Wood Partners – lumber and plywood
Vakaru Medienos Grupe (VMG) – lumber

Baltic Synergy – leather goods

Personal Care
BIOK Laboratorija – oral and skin care
Genial Day – feminine pads

Kika Group – dog food

Main Menu